Velresco branding

A confident new brand that built sizzle, trust and credibility around a brilliant business.

Having heard all about the business from its three founders, we struggled to articulate what it does. Operational Performance Improvement (OPI) was alien to us and we were concerned their target audience might struggle to really ‘get’ what they do best.
So we set about trying to explain it in a way anyone could understand. Here’s what we came up with:

We make business operations run like clockwork.

Clockwork gives us really powerful ways to express what Velresco has to offer the world. It’s simple and elegant and allows us to explain complex ideas in simple terms and without dumbing down.

Designing a powerful identity

The next challenge was to design a new identity to build confidence and credibility around this powerful vision. Velresco’s three directors are at the centre. Their approach has the power to drive positive change in large organisations through the teams they work with – so the logo we designed starts to convey a bit about how they work.

Creating their brand book

Our new dynamic logo was carefully put together with selected fonts, colour palettes and ways of executing photography and illustration. Anyone producing Velresco branded materials can have the tools they need to uphold Velresco’s brand vision and maintain a confident, consistent style across their collateral.

Sub brands

Part of the brief was to ensure the master brand could be extended into product sub-brands. It’s important that people who interact with their products can identify and engage with the parent brand. We designed a clear connection, both implicitly and explicitly with one of their products, V-Flow.



It’s early days but just comparing the old with the new clearly shows we’ve helped to reposition the business ready for the next chapter in Velresco’s story. By building trust with their team and delivering great work, we hope to continue being a valuable part of their story.

What we learned

A great idea can make a big difference. The brief called for simple, clear and confident communication, which takes a lot of crafting. We’re really proud of the work we’ve done and can’t wait to see the difference it makes.

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