The FES Group Website

Leveraging the web to win clients. We made a customer-focused site to position FES as the leader in their field.

Businesses that achieve strong growth will outgrow their web presence in a short time. They get into their stride, redefine their offer and set even higher goals for themselves.

That was the case with The FES Group. The Yorkshire and London-based compliance specialists came to us for a website to match their real world success and act as a springboard to greater things.

Demonstrating credibility

The construction industry is built on a foundation of good relationships but if you’re looking to forge new connections, you need to make it easy for everyone to see why they should pay attention to you.

The FES Group had build up impressive scale and reach, with a network of specialists across the country, all ready to handle any project, from the quirkiest single build to large scale housing schemes and big commercial ventures.

They were turning out large quantities of reports and consultancy, on time, on budget and to happy clients.

But their existing site, built a few years ago, didn’t express this.

Our new website projects a really strong image of our firm. The unique way that we deliver our services is much clearer visually impressive.

— Ben Wood, operations director, The FES Group

Defining USPs

Over the years, the FES team had worked out what they were great at – and what their customers really wanted.

They’d defined and refined a package of services, determined the types of clients they wanted to attract and developed a customer-first way of working.

One result of this had been the FES Cloud - a document management app we created to allow them to share vital survey documents with their clients.

Plump’s approach is both structured and creative. Their team really helped us establish our objectives and the whole project was planned out up-front which made it a real success.

— Ben Wood

It all began...

As these things often do, with a workshop to explore and define the team’s aspirations. Fuelled by tea and biscuits, we all sat down together and blended our expertise, challenging goals and dragging assumptions into the light for discussion.

Lightbulbs went off and consensus was reached.

We researched FES’s competitors and similar companies, knowing what we were seeking was a way of shining a spotlight on what makes the FES Group unique in a way that casts shadow over their rivals.

The key lay in evidencing the claims, using metrics to show, not tell.

We found the initial workshop incredibly useful and would recommend to anyone who’s considering investing in their online strategy.

— Ben Wood

Dynamic Map

We evidenced the claim ‘we cover the whole of the UK’ with a dynamic map, dotted with markers to show their active sites.

The map pulls actual location data from their live projects so it is effortless to keep up-to-date.

Success metrics

Just as easily updated is a bank of figures, clocking up the number of EPC certificates completed and air tightness tests finished across their live sites.

We’re extremely happy with the look and feel of the site, especially the locations map, it’s really impressed our clients, which is exactly what we wanted from it.

— Ben Wood

Building trust

FES’s excellent relationships with its clients speaks volumes, so we decided to focus on just that.

Customers are generally happy to provide testimonials for a job well done, so we gathered a collection of positive comments from reputable industry figures.

Customer first

FES sets a lot of store by customer service. So much so that they’d already invested in the document-sharing FES Cloud app, which we built the previous year.

The feature means clients can stay up to date with the progress of their certification in real time. We boosted its presence on the site, not just so it was easy for existing clients to log in but also to show potential clients that the team lives up to its claims of focusing firmly on a customer-first mindset.

What we learned

On a website built by specialists for their clued-up customers, there’s inevitably a tension between SEO and assumed knowledge.

Our job is to make the site rank on search engines, while FES’s job was to help us tread the tightrope between including all the right keywords and phrases without talking down to an expert audience.

It was an element of the site that took quite a bit of to-ing and fro-ing before we were all happy with the result.

We also embraced the power of ‘show don’t tell’ and were all delighted with the compelling infographics we created to add genuine heft to our client’s claims.

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