Delighting our clients’ clients: Preston Baker ROI calculator

Buying to let can be a smart financial move - and turning that tricky property search into a walk in the park means happier buyers and bigger profits all round.

Preston Baker knows its investment customers inside out, which is why the team asked us to create a return on investment (ROI) calculator that does exactly what the customer needs - when they need it.

The right tool in the right place

An online buy to let calculator is nothing revolutionary in itself. But embed an interactive, graphic calculator in each of Preston Baker’s relevant property details pages and we’re giving customers something they’ll value

For each property, the legwork’s already done, with the important numbers pre-loaded into the calculator - from purchase price to conveyancing costs, likely rental income and a best guess at a refurb budget. Our happy buyer doesn’t need to scurry round gathering figures; they just get an instant overview of the potential ROI, with clear figures and easy-to-read graphs.

Bespoke digital

Want to calculate return over a different time period? Think you can get a higher rental income? Know your refurbishment costs are going to be higher - or your conveyancing fees lower?

We’ve built the nitty gritty into it too. Smart sliders and clear interactive boxes mean the investor can play around with the numbers and watch the graphs change in real time.

Less juggling, more joy

When users search via Preston Baker’s buy to let section, properties are sorted by yield, creating a truly investor-friendly experience. And now, with an ROI calculator right there on the page, customers don’t need to juggle numbers from tab to tab, trying to puzzle out their best opportunities. It’s all there, on the same page.

Different keystrokes for different folks

But even investors just skipping off on their buy to let journey can use the tool. Tap a few sample figures into the stand-alone version of the calculator and they can play with the results before they start searching for a property to buy.

And there’s more than one type of return to chew over too. Whether our potential buyer is on the hunt for the highest regular income or simply wants their cash to blossom over a period of years, those key metrics are displayed really clearly.

What’s more, it’s just as easy to use on a mobile as a desktop - and they can email the results to their inbox at the touch of a button.

The calculator spells out to prospective customers that Preston Baker’s got their back. Whether they’re experienced clients with a bulging portfolio or rookie landlords dipping a tentative toe in the rental water, this is the estate agency that understands them.

What we learned

We love taking something from that initial lightbulb moment and turning it into a real live brilliant tool. We drilled down deep into Preston Baker’s business for this one, blending hefty calculations with clear design - always following the shining star of delighting the end user.

Genuinely useful digital tools may be complex to build but they look deliciously effortless - and they tell your customer you truly understand their needs and frustrations.

We enjoyed creating a product to delight our client’s clients - and we’d love to do that for your business too.

let’s chat about making tools for your website. Call Rob on 01904 924108 or email me.