Quote Me Papa

The place to plan your perfect party

Amazing events happen in PapaKåta tents. We partnered with the team at PapaKåta to create an easy, fun way for their customers to plan their perfect event online.

PapaKåta have amazing customer service. People visiting their site weren’t given the full picture of the options available to them without getting in touch. What’s a better way to give those customers a personal experience, whilst giving them all the information they need?

They came up with the idea to solve this with a website to help quote people’s events. That gave us a challenge:

How do you make a website as good as PapaKåta’s customer service?

Understanding their business

As a York business, we enjoy working with local clients where we can easily get together for a workshop or two. Our goal is always to understand what’s most important to them and their customers. For PapaKåta that was:

  • Personal touches
  • Showing off the quality
  • Staying friendly
  • Getting in warmer leads

More than filling out a boring form

Who likes filling out forms? Not us! We wanted to create an experience that allowed people to explore their needs and be given options.

Customers are presented with a series of clear, friendly questions to capture their wishes for a perfect venue.

As they step through, we showcase beautiful venue images to add meaning to their choices. Clear actions and simple inputs make their journey to personalised recommendations effortless.

...their team understood the PapaKåta customer journey, and brought a human element to the online experience.

Amanada Monaghan, founder and director at PapaKåta

Mobile first

People are using their phones and tablets more and more to plan their weddings and parties. We designed the experience around small screens first, taking care to present the questions and choices in the best possible way so visitors don’t have a hard time navigating.

Beauty for the bigger screens

We tailored the experience on larger screens by presenting the choices in a different layout, making use of the extra space to showcase the beautiful images.

What we learned

It takes a lot of hard work to make something simple

Countless meetings and constant iteration went into the final product. We had to try out loads of ideas, build and test on desktop and mobile. We built a great relationship with PapaKåta which meant they were willing to accept well-reasoned change. The result was worth the effort.

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