HEA event guide apps

A mobile app that slashed the print budget in half, boosted engagement and made life easier.

The Higher Education Academy was spending a fortune on printed event guides that were cumbersome to use and quickly went out of date. We solved this problem by creating a reusable event guide app.

A cost effective solution for every conference, every year

A chat with the conferences and events team highlighted the fact that all seven of their annual conferences could benefit from this solution. So we figured out a way for each conference to have its own app that could be re-used each year, giving more of their customers what they wanted and making their investment work even harder.

Useful tools for delegates

We got to work prototyping core features: the session schedule, speaker profiles, sponsors and venue information. We made the user journey as intuitive and effortless as we could.

Users can create their own personalised itinerary from the various concurrent sessions available. Our itinerary feature makes it easy to pick the most relevant sessions, spot double-bookings and fill any gaps so they get the most out of their day.

Thanks for producing this app. It’s really great and a wonderful way of arranging my schedule for the conference. Stephen Gomez, Pearson Learning

The latest information, up to the minute

As any event manager knows, change is inevitable; speakers drop out, rooms get re-allocated and people’s names get mis-spelt. With our app, it’s not a problem. We provided the events team at The Higher Education Academy with easy-to-use content management tools. When the app is launched, it checks if any information has changed and downloads it.

Designed with popular
devices in mind

Knowing most academics would be smartphone and tablet users across Apple and Android devices, we designed the user experience to work perfectly on the most popular devices and screen sizes.

It’s a pleasure working with you. I’m so pleased we made such a fantastic app! Dr Ruth Mewis, Academic Development Officer, The Higher Education Academy


In the first year print costs were better than halved across all seven conferences; engagement levels were 20% higher than expected and user feedback gave us the thumbs up. In fact, user feedback helped inform and prioritise a raft of improvements for the next years’ conferences.

What we’re doing differently

If we were to approach this project from scratch now, we’d probably release it purely as a web-app. Having to download an app from the AppStore or Google Play Store can sometimes be an unnecessary barrier. We learn new and better ways of meeting user needs all the time and our tools use are continually evolving. No surprise there!

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