About Plump

Here’s a few things you might want to know about us and how we like to work…

We’ve been around since 2008

We’ve been making websites, apps and digital marketing campaigns that make a difference since 2008 but our team’s experience goes way back to the 90’s and the days of Friends Reunited, Nokia phones and Napster!

We love living and working in York

Our studio is on Swinegate, right in the centre of York. It’s a beautiful place to work and we have some fantastic businesses here. We have access to great talent and lots of other companies to collaborate with. York’s economy is really diverse – being driven by tourism, education, FMCG and science & innovation.

We’re also proud members of the Guild of Media Arts and we want to help put York on the map for ideas, innovation and creativity with our accreditation as a Unesco City of Media Arts.

Our clients are all over the UK

Many of our clients are based in and around Yorkshire but we work for clients up and down the country.

Our expectations are high

Attractive web design is not enough. We want to make sure our work actually makes a difference for our clients. Each of our clients want slightly different things and they trust in us to deliver the goods. That’s what keeps it interesting.

Size doesn’t matter

We’ve worked with some massive global brands, some really tiny companies and everything in-between. If there’s an opportunity to make a difference, solve problems or explore new opportunities, count us in! Our clients come to us from all sectors and walks of life.

It’s what you do with it that counts

We like everyone in the team to get fully immersed in our clients and the work we do. Our designers and developers are also the people who do the planning, meet with our clients and evaluate our success. It keeps us passionate and enables us to put the best we have to offer into our work.

We’re experts, but not in everything

We like to collaborate with specialists in illustration, copywriting, animation, video production and occasionally, programming. In fact our studio is often full of really talented people who help us do great things with our clients.

So what else would you like to know? Give Rob a call or drop me an email.